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Andrew Houston is owner and founder of Profit for Contractors, a company that helps contractors better their business skills in order to achieve their personal and business dreams and goals. He has been working with business owners specific to the trades as a consultant for nearly a decade. He graduated from George Brown College in 1993, and since then has become an Industrial Controls Licensed Electrician as well as an Electronics Engineering Technologist. Visit for more information. Or reach him at or by calling 613-604-4531.

“I think most of all I want to say thanks. The wisdom that you are sharing is crazy awesome, simple, and inspiring. I remember you saying to me once "get the genius out of your head"— working with this tool is helping me do just that.

— Aaron Hahn,
Hahn Builders

“In just a few months I've increased profits 18%. I'm now able to answer important phone calls and delegate tasks to my team since sharing my calendar with them.”

— Tyler Faith,

WInchester & Osgoode Electric

How this tool can help YOU:
By focusing on higher-value tasks as owner, you'll contribute to the success of your business
By knowing what tasks to focus on that will help maximize profits
Plus more...
Better your Profits:
Better your Time:
By defaulting your calendar and allowing for less distractions
By delegating tasks to other team members
Plus more...
Be more in Control:
By managing your own calendar— not having everyone else fill it
By structuring your daily, weekly, & monthly calendar so you're focused & on track 
Plus more...
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Wasting time on low-value tasks can lose you profits! 
Learn how to get control of your calendar in order to make better decisions and be able to 
work on tasks that will lead to more free time, better communication with your team, and maximum profits in 2017.
The 5 Money-Making Meetings™ tool
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The 5 Money-Making Meetings™ Tool